Rider of the Wild Wind
11 January 2018 @ 09:00 am
So, I spent the past hour or so writing a new post. In a fraction of a second, I lost it. Just goes to show how unpracticed I am writing posts online and have forgotten one hard learned notion. ALWAYS copy your text before doing anything! That way, you're able to paste it back into your document, if you happen to lose it!

At the end of the post, though, I said that I'm a big believer that "everything happens for a reason". "There are no coincidences."

Guess I need to realize that's the case here, too, hmm?

So, what was up? Well, I was simply explaining... Making excuses, really, I guess, as to why it's been three months since I last updated, and it all boiled down to one thing.


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But, it was a reminder to me not to focus on the "end product", on what to create. Rather, focus on the Journey and who we will meet along the way.

Where will we go today?
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